What Amazon and the Kindle Fire mean for Video

As bandwidth becomes less and less restrictive and as media codecs allow for the delivery of high quality video the world of streaming media is only going to get bigger. According to Dan Rayburn of blog.streamingmedia.com the Amazon Kindle Fire is the device that will “become to the Video Industry what the iPod was to the Music Industry.” In his quick and insightful read he outlines how Amazon has set themselves up to not only deliver video efficiently but how they have created a service that allows content providers a platform distribute their streaming media. While Apple has created a closed platform that has restricted video on the tablet, Amazon aims to do the opposite.

I hope this is the beginning of something great for the world of online video, however, for this to really happen Amazon and Netflix need to get their acts together in regards to their user interface. If you want to increase your market share the key is a great user friendly site that people can find what they want to watch easily and efficiently, neither service is doing that.

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